You become a champion because

you do things most people will not.

Success requires sacrifice.
You must be willing to make those sacrifices

All men are created equal Some work harder in


Positive expectations are important to success.

You get what you expect.

If you have the right mental attitude

nothing can stop you from
acheving your Football goals.

Welcome To Our Organization



Impact Football NY offers camps, clinics, and hosts exclusive football events in New York. We expose players to an intense platform incorporating the fundamentals of football in the most competitive form possible. Our staff is compromised of NFL/NCAA Coaches, and the top youth coaches in the region. Their experience and knowledge will serve as a guide to take your child's abilities to the next level. We teach lessons that transcend the field, and we make a difference through education, and teamwork. IMPACT is not just the name of our organization, it is the foundation on which we operate:


Inspire to create the desire to do and feel something special.

Motivate to stimulate interest with great enthusiasm.

Prepare to make someone ready to succeed.

Achieve to attain a level of excellence.

Compete to strive to win.

Teach skills and knowledge.


Please allow us to have an IMPACT on your child's football experience as well as his life.


William Thomas