1. What level coaching staff do you have at your camps and clinics?

    At IMPACT we have a top of the line coaching staff that includes former NFL & NCAA players, and top High School and Youth coaches. Each coach brings a unique coaching style and background to ensure each player gets the premier interaction both on and off the field. Our coaches are equipped with years of experience, knowledge, and strategies that are unparalleled elsewhere.

  2. What is different about IMPACT? Why should I send my son?

    IMPACT is a one of a kind opportunity for every player. At IMPACT we take the time to treat every player as a first priority. With a coaching staff of 1 coach to every 8 campers; we are dedicated in making sure each camper gets the attention and experience necessary to ensure their needs are met. They will get plenty of reps, minimal downtime, and will not be spending much time standing in line. By sending your child to IMPACT, you are not sending him to a camp where he will just stand in line and do drills. He will have a first class coaching team dedicated to making sure his needs are met in order to make him the best football player and young man possible. IMPACT is not only about the on the field experience, it is about making lifelong connections with the coaches and other players, and leaving with improved skills that will allow him to grow and develop not only as a football player but as a young man.

  3. How will the players be grouped considering the large age range?

    Players will be grouped based on age. We will have three separate age groups 9-11, 12-14, and 15-17. If we find there is a player that has the ability and would like to move to a different age group accommodations may be made based on coaches and administrators judgment.

  4. Are parents allowed to stay during the camp day to watch their children?

    Yes, parents are encouraged to come out and watch their kids! At IMPACT we invite everyone to come out and see what we are all about.

  5. Will there be position specific training or more general training?

    There will be both position specific and general football training. At IMPACT the camper gets to decide which position(s) they would like to enhance their skills on with in-depth training. Along with our specific comprehensive position training there is also general football training included in each day. We like our players at IMPACT to be at peak performance and that means practicing the general skills just as much as it means honing in on specific positions.

  6. Can I send my son to this camp even if he has never played football before?

    Of course! We encourage players of all ages and abilities to come out and play. There are coaches and staff available for every players needs. Players will be assessed based on ability and placed accordingly. IMPACT is a great place to start your child’s football career.

  7. Since when has IMPACT been in business?

    IMPACT Football is a relatively new organization, however our staff has decades of experience at the highest levels of the game.

  8. Can my son bring his cell phone or gaming console with him to camp?

    We do not recommend bringing electronics to camp as it is very intensive. There will not be much downtime and we like our players to have full focus during camp. IMPACT is also not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

  9. I am nervous about my son’s safety during such a high contact sport. What is you course of action if injuries occur?

    All of our coaches and staff are safety trained. In the event of an injury our staff is prepared to assess and evaluate the situation quickly and appropriately. Our coaches are HEADSUP Football Certified. 

  10. Can you elaborate on the term full contact camp?

    IMPACT Football NY was created to offer players in and around the Long Island region the best opportunity to learn the game at the highest level. In order to do this we have made the camp full contact meaning players will be in full equipment and are expected in certain portions of the camp to play as hard as if it were a real game. Players are expected to bring their own equipment and come prepared to hit and be hit.